The Caverns - Modular Dungeon Map Tiles Bundle 1
The Caverns - Modular Dungeon Map Tiles Bundle 1
The Caverns - Modular Dungeon Map Tiles Bundle 1

The Caverns - Modular Dungeon Map Tiles Bundle 1

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Here's the first of hopefully many digital modular battle map tiles to use in your game.

I've decided to start creating modular tiles to fit each location in The Realm, the setting for our West Marches style game we're building up over on the Discord server, basically to square with, and to enhance, the total random chaos you tend to find in that kind of game.

And what I've done is to begin with The Caverns, giving you 25 richly-detailed map tiles, plus an accompanying 25 tile old school variation of the tiles in case you'd prefer to use them - so that's 50 modular tiles for you in the one pack!

How to use the tiles

Each tile can be slotted into your favourite virtual tabletop tool like FoundryVTT or Roll 20, so just upload the tiles you need. Great thing about map tiles like this? Once you've uploaded them, you can open your map grid, sling on your tiles, and then shift & rotate each tile to create the dungeon you need for your session, adding walls & lighting as necessary.

Want a long corridor? Just use the same tile next to each other a few times.

Want to create a labyrinth? Use the corner tiles mixed in with some rooms. 

If you don't see a tile you need in this pack, let me know and I'll try and create what you need. Meantime, enjoy this one, and look out for more of the same. :)

Download the map tiles

Simply Add to Cart, complete checkout, and you'll have instant access to the zip files with all 50 map tiles. Any issues or if you need any other variations, just let me know. :)

If you'd like to see more of my work in the multiverse, or to help support me, head over to Patreon. You can access 8k variants of the tiles as a Triple Decker patron, but can also pick up the free version of this map and all my other free maps there now, no pledge required. By pledging, you get access to my previous and current maps without my logo, together with a whole host of encounter decks & packs, map variants, and bonus maps.

Also feel free to reach out if you're looking to commission a map for your games or commercial project. :)