The Caverns 1 & 2 | Modular Map Tiles | Physical + Digital


The Caverns Modular Tile Sets 1 and 2



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Build any dungeon you need with these two sets of 25 double-sided, modular, rotatable map tiles to use in your fantasy tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. These tiles all fit together, giving you endless options & flexibility for creating encounters and dungeon delves in your game.

Build up rooms and corridors as you go, so you can either design in advance which tiles to use, or you could see how the players' decisions change how you want the dungeon laid out every time their PCs peek round a corner or burst through a door. And you can use them again and again as many times you like, using different combinations each time.

Your pack includes the digital files. So once you checkout, you ALSO get all 50 double-sided tiles in digital form, gridded and gridless, to download at checkout, which means a whopping 200 tiles in total for use in your virtual tabletop. I'll post out your order as quickly as possible, and meantime the digital files will be emailed to you to download whenever you need them.

The Caverns Map Tiles

what's in this pack?

Physical Tiles

Each map tile is a 6 x 6 inch gridded square, so perfectly-sized for your miniatures (or, if you're like me, your printed paper tokens and impromptu dice or Lego toys used as minis!). As they're small tiles, they can fit easily in your bag if you'll be travelling to your game, but despite how small they are, put together you can build a pretty huge dungeon!

On one side of the cards are gritty dungeon rooms and corridors, with chasms, narrow bridges, dark corners, pit traps, underground streams, pools of sewage, spider webs, blood stains, and more to help you generate a horrific experience for your players. On the flip side of the cards are old school variants, each pencil-drawn and hatched to convey the type of infamous Gygaxian dungeons of ye olde times!

Set 1 is designed as a crypt-style experience, the corridors straight and every wall constructed well but now degrading. Set 2 is a lower level of the dungeon, more rugged and carved inexpertly from the rock. Both sets fit perfectly together, however, so you can build up your dungeon using both, with rugged and not so rugged spaces blending into each other.

All the tiles are printed on glossy 300gsm card, sturdy enough to be used again and again without being damaged, and each of the two sets come in their own hand-crafted boxes.

Digital Tiles

And again, the digital gridded & gridless files for both sides of the tiles are included and will be available at checkout & emailed to you.

I decided a while ago to start creating modular tiles to fit each location in The Realm, the setting for our West Marches style game we're building up over on the Discord server, basically to square with, and to enhance, the total random chaos you tend to find in that kind of game.

Each digital tile can be slotted into your favourite virtual tabletop tool like FoundryVTT or Roll 20, so just upload the tiles you need. Great thing about map tiles like this? Once you've uploaded them, you can open your map grid, sling on your tiles, and then shift & rotate each tile to create the dungeon you need for your session, adding walls & lighting as necessary.

Want a long corridor? Just use the same tile next to each other a few times.

Want to create a labyrinth? Use the corner tiles mixed in with some rooms. 

The Caverns Modular Map Tiles

So hopefully you'll see just how much flexibility & inspiration these map tiles will give you for your game.

Enjoy, and happy rollin'!

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