Venger's Realm TTRPG Podcast!

Venger's Realm Podcast

Venger’s Realm: Encounters and Tips for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters

Are you a Dungeon Master or Game Master? Wanna rock your players’ world at the table? Do you get the FEAR that your prep'll fall flat and your players will roll their eyes in boredom? Well that's ok and this is for you. I'm Scott Docherty of I ain't the best GM or DM, but I've run games since the 80s and believe there's NO REASON you can't leave your players drooling for more after every session. Each episode = 1 awesome encounter and tips to inspire and help you improvise. Welcome to the Venger's Realm tavern. Pull up a chair and let's build a deck together!

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Thanks so much for your support as I get this off the ground, and be sure to hit me up on all the socials @vengersdecks with your encounter ideas! Please also leave a review to help me make some noise about this little thing!