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Venger's Decks


Here's a collection of the first reviews I picked up for Venger's Decks. I'm so thankful that a few kind souls took the time to look over the cards and come back to me with their thoughts. I'll be adding more as time goes on, and please feel free to share your own feedback, using the hashtag #VengersChaos, as it means the world to me and will help me make some noise in this amazing but really really busy RPG community. Thanks so much!

"I love random decks. These random encounters are perfect for Tier 1 characters. I would use a random encounter deck like you have built."
Bill "Bilbo" Hart, playing since 1976
- one of the Original DMs

"Venger's Decks are full of cool little ideas that can definitely help a GM out in creating a session, or a story, or even running an improvised little campaign.
Simple, modern cartoon-style artwork is a nice touch and lets you know that it's all about fun. It's diverse, in terms of both combat and non-combat encounters. There are a lot of cool encounter ideas ranging from simple personal party-oriented "side quests", all the way to magic encounters and puzzles.
You'll definitely have fun using these."
Predrag Filipović


"I’ve used them in a few one-shots and the beginning of a campaign and they enter seamlessly into the fantasy world. Even through shuffling of the printed deck as a DM the encounters are engaging and simple to run...Really effective for when there are those lulls in games or the DM wants to add a little spice to an encounter!"


"Each card presents a hook, a conflict, a resolution, and a twist, leading to an almost self contained mini not contain any mechanics tied to a specific system, making them easy to fit in any situation...often there were some innovative twists included...I find them interesting, since they can get my inspiration going...The card format can be particularly useful in some situations, especially during a session, where looking up tables in a book or on the internet can take more time than it should."


"Starting a new campaign soon (homebrew), so having some encounters ready to go which are more imaginative than I would come up with is excellent!"
Kevin Ogilvie (@OgilvieKevin)


"They are a brilliant aid to a newish DM like myself. Fantastic idea and I have recommended them to other players and DMs."
Tommy Fraser (@Ohthehorror83)

"Let me genuinely say that the decks did far more than just add "spice" to our game; there are reams of encounter tables out there that can do that. What I genuinely feel is so impactful about these decks is the ways in which they empower the GM and the players to develop character and the world they inhabit.
These decks are effective, not just for their rich detail and inventive threads, but for them having productive mechanics. Rather than railroading the GM or players into an encounter, the use of the "Hook," "Conflict," "Twist," and "Resolution" mechanics in the Outlander deck allow for the encounters to enact character backstory development within a contextualized world. What's more, the Quickening decks are effectively written as 'story seeds', allowing the GM and/or players to fill in the contextual details that will make each encounter meaningful well beyond "action."
Rick Reid, GM

Podcast Plays

The amazing folks at Penance RPG were the very first podcasters to give Venger's Decks a go. Using The Outlander Deck and some of my free downloadable characters from The Party, they were able to show just how easy & fun it is to take one deck, and create from it a totally memorable one-shot within their own homebrew D&D 5e-type setting. Have a listen here!



Man I love an unboxing! Here's the first one that came through from one of the very first Dungeon Masters to give Venger's Decks a try. Click onto the tweet to check out his outstanding live thread as he talks you through his experience!

And here's what The Outlander deck looks like popped out of the box!

So yeah, I can't thank enough all those who've taken the time out of their day to share their thoughts and experience with my little decks. How have you got on with them - I'd love to hear your story?