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Meet The Party, the ragtag group of fresh-faced adventurers on the hunt for Venger's treasure, challenged at every turn by their random encounters along the way. Use these free character sheets along with Venger's Decks for an RPG session of pure chaos!

Featured on all of Venger's Decks (with art from the unparalleled Fiona Ruthven), you will come to know them over time. Imagine playing these funtastic entry level characters in a session, for example, in which absolutely every chaotic thing that happens arises from the drawing of a random encounter card!

  • Your usual DM or GM can't make it to your session this week?
  • You're nervous about running a game for the first time or with new players?
  • Your group needs a light-hearted break from a heavy campaign?

Simply whip out your Venger's Decks, give them a shuffle, and run a session of pure fun & chaos with these pre-made free characters...

Glynfir Qimaris - Male Elf Wizard

Thrasterlig Brewbelt - Male Dwarf Fighter

Dura - Female Orc Paladin

Merrich - Non-Binary Halfling Rogue

Demo one-shot

Wanna know how to do this?

Download this FREE pack with everything you'll need!

Take a look at this awesome one-shot session created around the random draws by the players of Venger's Decks. Recorded at the popular Lucky Sparrow Games Café in Glasgow, The Outlander and The Outlander Quickening decks were used masterfully here by the Dungeon Master, Sadie Woods, and the brilliant players (Daniel, Shaun, Bel & Andrew) drew the cards unwittingly. This session was shot & recorded wonderfully by Laura Blyth & Martin R. Shaw of Unexplained Scotland.

backstory & sheets

They met in a tavern.

To be fair though, their experience was neither traditional nor tropey, because the tavern, in fact, had above its entrance a dragon scale sign reading Venger's Realm, and existed in a pan-dimensional space somewhere left of the Material Plane.

That, and the ale it served was free. Well, that is as long as you could drink it without exploding inwardly from the rectum up!

The Party happened upon this tavern separately, each of them drawn to it for their own reasons. But through happenstance, and a bruising brawl that arose mainly because of a genuine misunderstanding over a chicken, they found in each other a kindred spirit, a deep-rooted motivation to explore beyond the tavern and achieve, through heroic adventure, their ultimate return home.

More of their breathtaking tale will be revealed as you play it out at the table. For now, welcome to The Party.

Important Note

To download The Party's free character sheets so that you can play them as player characters in your game, please save the PDFs on your computer or device and open them in Adobe Reader, as on browser view they will not show all the relevant stats. Any problems, please get in touch.

The Party bios below were all written by the amazingly-talented Toby Oakes-Rogers; you can find more of his unparalleled work at instagram.com/bardic_tales!

Glynfir Qimaris - Male Elf Wizard

Glynfir Qimaris - Wizard



Glynfir spent the first few hundred years of his life in the forest among a small tribe of Wood Elves; as the son of a powerful Druid and Chieftain of the tribe, most his former days were spent shadowing his father to learn both how to commune with nature and how to lead. For many young men of the tribe this would have been a dream come true, but for Glynfir it was little more than a curse. For starters, as far as Glynfir was concerned, trees were not very good conversationalists; what’s more, leadership roles came with a level of responsibility that he quite frankly didn’t care for. 

There was, however, one respite for Glynfir: a battered leather spellbook he had found half buried in the forest on his 73rd birthday. Though Glynfir knew his father hated the magic of civilisation, he could not contain his curiosity; whenever he found a moment alone, Glynfir would pull the tome from its hiding place and pore over its arcane contents. As time went on, simply studying the spellbook no longer satisfied Glynfir’s thirst to understand The Weave, eventually he decided to experiment... 

Glynfir character options

In his search to further his arcane study, Glynfir was pointed towards a tavern by the name of Venger’s Realm...

Thrasterlig Brewbelt - Male Dwarf Fighter

Thrasterlig Brewbelt - Dwarf Fighter


For as long as even the elves could remember, the Brewbelts had been members of the City Guard; generation after generation of noble-hearted, law abiding Dwarves stretching right back to the founding of the city itself. Thrasterlig had known since before he had grown his baby-beard that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors; he looked on in awe at his mother in her shining armour, and fell asleep to stories of her catching villains and fighting for truth and justice. 

As a young lad, Thrasterlig would not only stand up to schoolyard-tyrants but, where he could, would help them learn the error of their ways, earning himself the nickname “Thrast the Bully Slayer.” On his sixteenth birthday, Thrasterlig signed up for the Guard Academy which he graduated from with flying colours, and by the tender age of 43 he become the youngest Dwarf ever to make the rank of Guard Captain. With his new found sway within the Guard, Thrasterlig founded the ‘Baggard Reformation Programme’ and dedicated his spare time to aiding the many vagrants that dwelled within the city. 

Thrasterlig was on course to become the greatest of his bloodline until...

Thrasterlig Character Options

    Looking to drown his sorrows and perhaps find a way make a coin or two, Thrasterlig found himself in tavern known as Venger’s Realm...

    Dura - Female Orc Paladin

    Dura Orc Paladin


    You might be thinking that it is unusual for an Orc to become a paladin, and you would be right to do so. Under any normal circumstances, orcs care about little more than physical prowess and resource control, and take pride only in battle scars and hoards of stolen wealth. 

    Dura was much the same in her formative years; by age 8 she had already proven herself the strongest of her creche, and by 10 a formidable warrior, her challenge to prove herself was made all the more great by the male dominated nature of Orcish society. Her tribe easily overpowered any force that dared oppose them; they decimated monsters, guards and adventurers alike, claiming their wealth and picking their tusks clean with their bones. But all empires must inevitably fall, and eventually the tribe met an adversary it could not overcome...

    Dura Character Options

      As the sole survivor of the attack, Dura felt that she had been divinely chosen to rid the world of the scourge that destroyed her tribe. With the acceptance of a deity into her life, Dura is now not only on a mission to avenge her kin, but is attempting to understand strange new emotions such as ‘compassion’ and ‘guilt’, and is learning how to exist in more civilised company.

      Following a potential lead, Dura made her way to Venger’s Realm; to her disappointment, the trail went cold...

      Merrich - Non-Binary Halfling Rogue

      Merrich - Halfling Rogue 


      Merrich was born like most Halflings, in a hole; not just any hole for that matter, but without doubt the most unassuming Halfling Hole one could conceive. An unassuming hole in an unassuming village in an unassuming meadow. So unassuming was the village in fact, that most who traversed the surrounding woodland could wander straight through it and never once notice a single hint to its existence. 

      For most Halflings, this is exactly how they like it; a humble life where nothing extraordinary happens, and there are no surprises. But Merrich was no ordinary Halfling child; as the Halflings say, they had a ‘touch of Brandobaris’ about them. Where others gazed at the village and found tranquility, Merrich found a boredom that could only be broken with practical japery. But with every bucket of water above a door, every chicken released into the village hall, and every noticeboard rearranged to spell out rude words, the patience of the village-folk grew thinner until finally...

      Merrich Character Options

      Looking for a new life of excitement, Merrich searched for the most interesting places they could; this inevitably led them to Venger’s Realm...

      A Fateful Encounter

      It began how many nights in Venger’s Realm begin: with music. The metallic twang of Gnomish instruments reflected the upbeat mood of the patrons who filled this curious tavern; a rich tapestry of people from every walk of life: eccentric nobles who rule exotic lands, battle-hardened mercenaries gambling the earnings of their latest jobs, mages poring over arcane texts, people trying to hide, people trying to be found, and of course, adventurers hunting fame and glory.

      Those in the know are drawn to Venger’s Realm for two very good reasons: first, the tavern exists in its own pocket dimension located somewhere in the Astral Plane, accessible only via a series of portals dotted throughout the Multiverse. This makes it very difficult for even the most talented of spellcasters to Divine what goes on within its walls. Second, the drinks are always on the house, the proprietors and staff instead making their money via the generous tips given for organising introductions between patrons, be that business, pleasure, or something in between.

      Indeed, never a dull evening is had in Venger’s Realm and, as our Party were about to find out, the night of their meeting was to be no different.

      A loud bell ring announced the imminent arrival of another guest, as the brass wheel above the entrance span, stopping when the arrow engraved into the door pointed to the word ‘Shadowfell’. A cold wind swept into the tavern as the door swung open, drawing the attention of every patron to the towering undead creature that stood within the frame. With lumbering steps, the Revenant approached the bar, ales souring in their tankards as it passed them by.

      “I’d like to speak the manager,” the corpse uttered, the damage to its throat causing the words to sound strained and gravelly. “It’s about the chickens...”

      Sensing the coming conflict, patrons started filing through the front door, the arrow now pointing to the words ‘Material Plane’, leaving only the band, an Orc who had fallen asleep at her table, an Elf who was too engrossed in his spellbook to notice what had transpired, a Dwarf whose hand inched slowly towards his axe, and a Halfling who had chosen the wrong moment to return from the latrines.

      Venger had barely entered the room when the Revenant attacked, its dirt encrusted hands grabbing for the proprietor’s throat. In a flurry of weapons and spells the remaining patrons jumped into action, their combined abilities eventually proving too much for the Revenant, which fled before being vanquished.

      Fuelled by their victory and the gratitude of Venger, the four decided to stick together, and thus began of the group of adventurers the world would soon come to know as The Party.
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