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Meet The Party, the ragtag group of fresh-faced adventurers on the hunt for Venger's treasure, challenged at every turn by their random encounters along the way.

Featured on all of Venger's Decks (with art from the unparalleled Fiona Ruthven), you will come to know them over time. Imagine playing these funtastic entry level characters in a session, for example, in which absolutely every chaotic thing that happens arises from the drawing of a random encounter card!

  • Your usual DM or GM can't make it to your session this week?
  • You're nervous about running a game for the first time or with new players?
  • Your group needs a light-hearted break from a heavy campaign?

Simply whip out your Venger's Decks, give them a shuffle, and run a session of pure fun & chaos with these pre-made free characters...

Glynfir Qimaris - Male Elf Wizard

Thrasterlig Brewbelt - Male Dwarf Fighter

Dura - Female Orc Paladin

Merrich - Non-Binary Halfling Rogue

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They met in a tavern.

To be fair though, their experience was neither traditional nor tropey, because the tavern, in fact, had above its entrance a dragon scale sign reading Venger's Realm, and existed in a pan-dimensional space somewhere left of the Material Plane.

That, and the ale it served was free. Well, that is as long as you could drink it without exploding inwardly from the rectum up!

The Party happened upon this tavern separately, each of them drawn to it for their own reasons. But through happenstance, and a bruising brawl that arose mainly because of a genuine misunderstanding over a chicken, they found in each other a kindred spirit, a deep-rooted motivation to explore beyond the tavern and achieve, through heroic adventure, their ultimate return home.

More of their breathtaking tale will be revealed in time. For now, welcome to The Party.

important note

To download The Party's free character sheets so that you can play them as player characters in your game, please save the PDFs on your computer or device and open them in Adobe Reader, as on browser view they will not show all the relevant stats. Any problems, please get in touch.

Glynfir Qimaris - Male Elf Wizard

Download his D&D 5e character sheet

Glynfir Qimaris - Male Elf Wizard

Thrasterlig Brewbelt - Male Dwarf Fighter

Download his D&D 5e character sheet

Thrasterlig Brewbelt - Male Dwarf fighter

Dura - Female Orc Paladin

Download her D&D 5e character sheet

Dura - Female Orc paladin

Merrich - Non-Binary Halfling Rogue

Download their D&D 5e character sheet

Merrich - Non- Binary Halfling rogue