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Venger's Decks are full of cool little ideas that can definitely help a GM out in creating a session, or a story, or even running an improvised little campaign. Simple, modern cartoon-style artwork is a nice touch and lets you know that it's all about fun. It's diverse, in terms of both combat and non-combat encounters. There are a lot of cool encounter ideas ranging from simple personal party-oriented "side quests", all the way to magic encounters and puzzles. You'll definitely have fun using these.

Predrag Filipović

Each card presents a hook, a conflict, a resolution, and a twist, leading to an almost self contained mini story...do not contain any mechanics tied to a specific system, making them easy to fit in any situation...often there were some innovative twists included...I find them interesting, since they can get my inspiration going...The card format can be particularly useful in some situations, especially during a session, where looking up tables in a book or on the internet can take more time than it should.

Chris @ The Kind GM

I’ve used them in a few one-shots and the beginning of a campaign and they enter seamlessly into the fantasy world. Even through shuffling of the printed deck as a DM the encounters are engaging and simple to run...Really effective for when there are those lulls in games or the DM wants to add a little spice to an encounter!