Venger's Realm One-Shot Pack (download)
Venger's Realm One-Shot Pack (download)
Venger's Realm One-Shot Pack (download)

Venger's Realm One-Shot Pack (download)

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FREE digital download pack, a cool accessory for your rpg encounter decks. Everything you need to run a Venger's Realm One-Shot with your decks, including a helpful guide, and character sheets & backgrounds. Let's cook that chaos!

"What’s a Venger’s Realm One-Shot, you ask? Great question! Basically, it’s a one-off tabletop roleplay game session, run by a Dungeon or Games Master, for players using my pre-made character sheets, and in which every major decision or plot point is determined by a random draw by the players from my encounter decks."

I talk about this kind of session here, but in short, this one-shot can come in handy if your usual DM or GM can't make it to your session this week, or if you're anxious about running a game or want to break in new players, or just if your group needs a light-hearted break from a heavy campaign.

You can play this session online or offline, using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition system, or any other system you like with character sheets converted for that system or otherwise generated by the players if they’d prefer not to use pre-made ones.

what's in this pack?

This helpful little digital download pack, contains :

  • A DM/GM guide laying out how to run this one-shot, including what to do before the session, preparing to improvise, and loads of pre-written stuff you can use to introduce the adventure, bridge the encounters, and tie things up nicely at the end.
  • 4 pre-made character sheets for D&D5e, ready to roll, and at entry level but automatically adjusting if your players prefer to play at a higher level.
  • An introduction & character backstories for your players to get up to speed and make a choice of which characters to play or whether to roll up their own.

Here's an example of a group of players doing just that, running a Venger's Realm one-shot with little preparation but ending up having a total ball!

So pick up this great little Venger's Realm pack, no charge, and then watch as your players fly within the unparalleled realms of their imagination!