The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks
The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks

The Journey - Battle Map Book and Encounter Decks

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A3 wiro-bound book of 50 premium battle maps for your tabletop roleplaying game, with two card decks of unique encounters to use on the maps or as you likePacked with a vast array of fantasy random encounters, the maps and card decks in this pack contain plenty of awesome scenarios & challenges for the party that your players will never forget. They're ideally suited for games like Dungeons & Dragons and PathfinderUse them to inspire & improvise!

Each variant for this pack includes the digital files. So for example, if you grab the full pack with the map book and two encounter decks, you ALSO get all these in digital form to download at checkout. I'll post out your order as quickly as possible, and meantime the digital files will be emailed to you to download whenever you need them.

"Scott is a true master of his craft. Each encounter, written with such passion and love for storytelling. I honestly can't imagine running a game without at least one of the packs Venger's Decks created."
Filip Melvan

what's in this pack?

Download a FREE sample of the pack here - two encounters from each deck + their maps

The Journey Battle Mat Book

Designed to accompany The Journey decks of encounters, this sturdy wiro-bound battle map book is crammed full of 50 lovingly-crafted maps you can use in your tabletop roleplaying game. Every map is gridded for your tokens, packed with choke points, dark corners, levelled terrain, and rich detail to give your players as many options as possible as you lead them through encounters they'll never forget.

Use the maps however you need them. If you need some inspiration for your next session or are caught in the headlights and need to throw an encounter at the party until you've caught up, just pull out this book, flick through the maps, use the decks for even more ideas, lay your chosen map flat on the table, and watch your players' eyes dazzle as they start working out the best vantage points for their characters!

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The Journey Deck

In this deck, you get 50 fantasy random encounters, system and setting neutral. You don't just get the bare-boned details like you'd find in most random encounter tables. These cards are buzzing with hooks, conflicts, resolutions and twists to bring every unique encounter to life. For both this and The Journey Quickening Deck, each encounter card is paired with a map you'll find in The Journey Battle Mat Book, and is packed with inspiration to help you make your game sessions rock!

The Journey Quickening Deck

Again, your deck contains 50 encounters for your fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.  The cards in this deck are packed with shorter bursts of inspiration you can pick up and run with on the map book or however you like, each card face printed for inspiration with the encounter's stunning map. Just pick a card and roll with it!

inspiration on the fly

Each deck is stored in a beautiful tuck box you can take to your games, and is packed with sturdy, tarot-sized cards with encounters that can add spice to your campaign setting or one-shot, generating one-off scenarios or the beginning or bridge of a full adventure.

The encounters, and the exciting detail on every map, will remind the players that the world they’re in is alive & kicking with or without them, that at any moment they might stumble into danger or adventure. They can also help you improv and buy you some time if the players surprise you and you’re not prepared - just pick a card and run with it until you know what to do next.

Designed to slot in whenever you need them, you can either throw these encounters as written at the players, or for an even more immersive feel, adjust the creatures, NPCs and anything else in the cards to fit your campaign setting.

Watch The Journey in action

Using the drop down box, you can grab the whole pack, with the map book and both decks, or you can pick & choose whatever from the pack you'd like. And remember, the digital files are included, so watch out for them at checkout & email! :)

Enjoy, and happy rollin'!