Abandoned Village Isometric Battlemap
Abandoned Village Isometric Battlemap

Abandoned Village Isometric Battlemap

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An otherwise serene location in which the party might stop and rest on its travels, with a lovely waterfall and flowing river over which extends a stable crossing, and on each side some buildings for shelter. Except on closer inspection, the buildings appear to have been long abandoned, and the sun beating down on the scene does little more than send shadows dancing into dark pockets of each structure.

Encounter Hook

Maybe exhausted from a lengthy trek across the wilderness, the initial relief at the sight of a small village on the banks of a river that could have been perfect for a long rest, turns to dread and alertness. The buildings gape with wounds from abandonment or worse, and from within, scratching and a guttural moaning carries out into the breeze. This place might need cleared out before the party's well-deserved rest.

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Animated Version

Meantime, here's a logomarked animated version - you get the full mp4 file in your pack as a Double Decker patron!