Dark Walkway Map Pack
Dark Walkway Map Pack

Dark Walkway Map Pack

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A long walkway closed in on both sides by brutal, dark vegetation, the ground scorched and stained, cracking open at points that sear with heat and boiling gases. At the end stands a portal or opening of some kind, a strong translucent energy pouring from it that is at the same time both enticing and repellent. The ground seems vulnerable when walked upon, rumours of spiked pits awaiting beneath the surface for those who tread forward without care.

Encounter Hook

As the party steps with trepidation along this dark walkway, the portal at its end beckons all attention, but reaching it is not to be taken for granted, for the walkway itself bubbles on its surface, its almost sentient nature reacting to every tremor, to every step taken or word whispered. And then a shadow appears through the energy emanating from the portal. And then another shadow. Then another, as a number of winged creatures burst forth...

Download the map

Simply Add to Cart, complete checkout, and you'll have instant access to the zip file with all the variants of this map (gridded, gridless, blackened, night, spiked pits, animated, webp, 4k, 8k). Any issues or if you need any other variations, just let me know. :)

If you'd like to see more of my work in the multiverse, or to help support me, head over to Patreon. You can pick up the free version of this map and all my other free maps there now, no pledge required. By pledging, you get access to my previous and current maps without my logo, together with a whole host of encounter decks & packs, map variants, and bonus maps.

Also feel free to reach out if you're looking to commission a map for your games or commercial project. :)

Animated Version

Meantime, here's a logomarked animated version - you get the full mp4 file in your pack once you complete the purchase!