Gothic Fort Battlemap
Gothic Fort Battlemap

Gothic Fort Battlemap

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A large gothic fort settlement that I created as part of a recent map commission. Zoom in to catch all the detail! The well-trodden track leads from murky, dark woods, in through the settlement, and out the other end. The fort is protected by high sturdy walls, and a gate system on either end. Inside beyond the main street and market square, a gothic cathedral rests on top a hillock, the rest of the settlement populated with residential streets, shops, a tavern, offices, a market, and a cemetery. Outwith the walls lies farmland and housing.

Encounter Hook

As the rain batters lumps out of the now saturated track, up ahead the ornate gates lie open to a large fort settlement. No sign of life can be seen, other than perhaps a few tendrils of smoke from within, rising and blending into the fog. If the party enters, it might spot signs of heavy scratching on the internal wooden gates, of hurriedly dropped belongings, of still wet blood trails all dragged towards the cathedral atop the hill beyond the market square. From within that building which looms above all else, surrounded in a cold white glow, first one, then another, then a cacophony of howls echo out into the night…

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Animated Version

Meantime, here's a logomarked animated version - you get the full mp4 file in your pack as a Double Decker patron!