Roadside Ruins Isometric Battlemap
Roadside Ruins Isometric Battlemap

Roadside Ruins Isometric Battlemap

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An isometric scene featuring the roadside ruins of an abandoned settlement, long overgrown from behind by the encroaching woods. As the rain falls, the waves from the cold waters just down from the beach send a chilling mist across the ground, hugging the crumbling structures. The sunlight tries to break through the rain clouds above, but in this haunting place, any lingering hope for a bright day has long since departed.

Encounter Hook

As the party travels where it needs to go, up the track it comes across a decrepit settlement dying gradually at the mouth of some water, as though waiting to be drawn into its depths and carried like driftwood towards a sorrowful fate. Amid the noise of the lapping water and swaying trees in the woods beyond, scratching can be heard from within the rickety buildings. Something lurks in there. Whether it lies in the hope of ambush or craves any passers-by just to keep walking, at some point it might need water, this wretched presence dragging itself from its home and onto the road, acting swiftly, however, should it feel interrupted.

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Animated Version

Meantime, here's a logomarked animated version - you get the full mp4 file in your pack as a Double Decker patron!