The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)
The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)
The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)
The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)
The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)
The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)

The Frost - Arctic Encounter Pack (download)

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Digital printable encounter pack: mini card deck with 5 re-usable ttrpg random encounters, 5 matching battlemaps AND ALSO with 5 bespoke loopable music tracks & 10 creatures of the frost at your fingertips. Short of prep time or inspiration for your next session in the likes of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, or Dragon of Icepire Peak, or in whatever wintry campaign or land of ice and snow you wish to lead your players? This pack's ready to roll & suitable for any tabletop roleplay game, including D&D and Pathfinder, online or offline. Use them to inspire & improvise!

"Venger's Decks are an awesome tool to inspire you while preparing for a session. The cards provide a solid, concise framework for each encounter that leaves space for you to add in MacGuffins, proper names, or other specific details related to your campaign. The maps, music & monsters included in The Frost deck make each encounter card a great package for building mini adventures in Icewind Dale or any arctic environment!"
Bob World Builder

what's in this pack?

With this pack, you get:

  • 5 cards with arctic encounters designed to blend easily into the party's current backstories & goals no matter where the party is or what it's up to. The encounters will take the party in and around a desecrated elven tomb in the wilderness, within the arcane force field of a frozen pool, at the haunting port of a frightened arctic town, into the midst of a rocky ambush, and onto the ruins of an ancient, ghostly battlement.
  • 5 story-enhancing battle maps that fit the deck's encounters perfectly. You get them in two formats - gridded png image and non-gridded png image. Use them in the likes of Roll20 or print them off!
  • 5 stunningly frosty music tracks composed by Filip Melvan of the amazing Tabletop Music Bazaar to match the arctic feels, the atmospherics of each encounter to really help your players get immersed in the moment.
  • 10 creatures of the frost, in other words suggested monsters with full 5e stat blocks so that you have absolutely everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Print templates for the main & creatures decks, so you can print them off on paper or card stock if you'd prefer to have them to hand at the table.

So EVERYTHING YOU NEED to run encounters your players will never forget. The encounters in this deck are ideally suited for games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Not just basic details like you'd find in most random encounter tables, these cards are buzzing with hooks, conflicts, resolutions and twists to bring every encounter to life!

Each encounter has been lovingly adapted from scenarios that delighted my players in previous wintry campaigns, and having run them, I can assure you they'll go down a treat! That said, I've adjusted them a little having thought about how best to improve them, how to make it easier for you to blend them in with what's happening in your own game.

The encounters are built for combat, but as with my other ttrpg decks, depending on how the players react to what's presented in the encounters, they can very easily be switched up to non-combat.

The maps have been created by me using Inkarnate, are high resolution & full of story-enhancing detail, and are ideal for use online via the likes of Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, or printed offline for use on your tabletop. The gridded versions lay out varying sizes of battle space, but each one will give you plenty of room for movement for all the tokens.

"Five inspiring random encounters that build off the great Venger's Decks framework, broad enough to be useful in a variety of scenarios, detailed enough to prompt your imagination, and each with a pre-prepared map to fool your players into believing it wasn't random at all!"
Jake Bhattacharyya, DM

The frigid deck of combat & non-combat encounters can add spice to your campaign setting or one-shot, generating one-off scenarios or the beginning or bridge of a full adventure. The encounters will remind the players that the world they’re in is alive & kicking with or without them, that at any moment they might stumble into danger or adventure. They can also help you improv and buy you some time if the players surprise you and you’re not prepared - just pick a card and run with it until you know what to do next.

Designed to slot in whenever you need them, you can either throw these encounters as written at the players, or for an even more immersive feel, adjust the creatures, NPCs and anything else in the cards to fit your campaign setting. 

"Trying to predict your players movements and plans? Do they come out with some random and wonderful things you DIDN'T think about? Of course they want to go left. But I didn't plan for it.
Now with Venger's mini deck & map pack, paired with the Outlander box, I've got answers to questions I never had before, and I can breathe a little more. As a DM with more distractions in day to day life than monsters in the monster manual, I need help, and I get that in spades with these decks. I absolutely love it!"
Paddy Gillen, DM


Remember that the point of the deck is to inspire you. Feel free to flesh them out, tear at their strings, carve into them your own personality, and adapt & re-use them for years to come.

They’re a starting point, filled with enough to run with if you’re caught on the fly, but sprinkled with hooks for plot and story arcs. You can turn non-combat encounters into battles & vice-versa with a simple adjustment, depending on how the players react to the scene you present to them, or on how you feel it might fit into what else you have planned. And if the players’ decisions take the encounters in a completely new direction, roll with it!

"Venger's Decks are full of cool little ideas that can definitely help a GM out in creating a session, or a story, or even running an improvised little campaign.
You'll definitely have fun using these."
Predrag Filipović

"An excellent resource for any DM. These unique encounters are setting agnostic enough to allow being included in any fantasy setting and will challenge your players beyond combat."
Lee Scolin (Forever DM)

So pick up this super freezing cold ttrpg encounter pack, and then watch as your players fly within the unparalleled realms of their imagination!