The Inspired - Inspiration Deck (download)

The Inspired - Inspiration Deck (download)

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Digital printable download pack: mini card deck with inspiration cards to use for tabletop roleplaying games like D&D or Pathfinder. Don't fancy the inspiration mechanic in the 5th edition of D&D? Does it make you feel like you're some deity rewarding your subjects for pleasing you with their antics? Looking for a way to share around the table the narrative burden of storytelling? Then these cards are for you!

what's in this deck?

With this pack, you get:

  • One deck of inspiration cards you and your players can use, together with an easy set of rules for injecting their pure chaos into your game.
  • Print templates for the deck, so you can print the cards off on paper or card stock if you'd prefer to have them to hand at the table.

Simply put, using this deck will tap your game into the ebb and flow of fate in the multiverse, where both players and the dungeon master or game master can use the cards for things like advantage, upgrades, and modifiers to rolls no matter the game you're playing, encouraging everyone to contribute to the unfolding narrative.

There are easy step-by-step rules in the deck to use this unique inspiration mechanic, but hey, it's your game, so if you find an even more effective way to apply them into your game, wire in! :-)

Pick it up today and just watch how it shifts your game up a gear!