The Outlander
The Outlander
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The Outlander

The Outlander

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Card deck with 50 re-usable ttrpg random encounters. Suitable for any terrain in any tabletop roleplay game, including D&D and Pathfinder. Use them to inspire & improvise!

 "I love random decks. These random encounters are perfect for Tier 1 characters. I would use a random encounter deck like you have built."
Bill "Bilbo" Hart, playing since 1976
- one of the Original DMs

what's in this deck?

Packed with a vast array of combat & non-combat encounters, The Outlander card deck contains 50 random encounters you can play in any terrain or location. They're ideally suited for games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Not just basic details like you'd find in most random encounter tables, these cards are buzzing with hooks, conflicts, resolutions and twists to bring every encounter to life!

Stored in a beautiful compact box you can take to your games, this sturdy, tarot-sized, colour-coded deck of combat & non-combat encounters can add spice to your campaign setting or one-shot, generating one-off scenarios or the beginning or bridge of a full adventure. The encounters will remind the players that the world they’re in is alive & kicking with or without them, that at any moment they might stumble into danger or adventure. They can also help you improv and buy you some time if the players surprise you and you’re not prepared - just pick a card and run with it until you know what to do next.

Designed to slot in whenever you need them, you can either throw these encounters as written at the players, or for an even more immersive feel, adjust the creatures, NPCs and anything else in the cards to fit your campaign setting.

"Venger's Decks are full of cool little ideas that can definitely help a GM out in creating a session, or a story, or even running an improvised little campaign.
Simple, modern cartoon-style artwork is a nice touch and lets you know that it's all about fun. It's diverse, in terms of both combat and non-combat encounters. There are a lot of cool encounter ideas ranging from simple personal party-oriented "side quests", all the way to magic encounters and puzzles.
You'll definitely have fun using these."
Predrag Filipović





Remember that the point of the deck is to inspire you. Feel free to flesh them out, tear at their strings, carve into them your own personality, and adapt & re-use them for years to come.

They’re a starting point, filled with enough to run with if you’re caught on the fly, but sprinkled with hooks for plot and story arcs. You can turn non-combat encounters into battles & vice-versa with a simple adjustment, depending on how the players react to the scene you present to them, or on how you feel it might fit into what else you have planned. And if the players’ decisions take the encounters in a completely new direction, roll with it!

"I’ve used them in a few one-shots and the beginning of a campaign and they enter seamlessly into the fantasy world. Even through shuffling of the printed deck as a DM the encounters are engaging and simple to run...Really effective for when there are those lulls in games or the DM wants to add a little spice to an encounter!"

"Each card presents a hook, a conflict, a resolution, and a twist, leading to an almost self contained mini not contain any mechanics tied to a specific system, making them easy to fit in any situation...often there were some innovative twists included...I find them interesting, since they can get my inspiration going...The card format can be particularly useful in some situations, especially during a session, where looking up tables in a book or on the internet can take more time than it should."

"Starting a new campaign soon (homebrew), so having some encounters ready to go which are more imaginative than I would come up with is excellent!"
Kevin Ogilvie (@OgilvieKevin)

So pick up this deck, and then watch as your players fly within the unparalleled realms of their imagination!