Tomb of the Infernal Raven Map Pack
Tomb of the Infernal Raven Map Pack

Tomb of the Infernal Raven Map Pack

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Four separate maps which can be used in your game separately or together, the top two of which can also be swapped with cellar and jungle variants - different entrances to an unforgettable dungeon!

Each entrance leads down into the depths of a well-constructed crypt, which leads down further to a roughly-carved chamber flooded with water but gradually freezing over, but also though to a rugged network of web-coated tunnels, and finally a symmetrical crypt.

At around 1500ft x 3000ft with dark corners at every turn, whatever the party encounters in this place may prove not only exhausting, but also very much deadly.

Encounter Hook

Within this huge crypt beneath the earth is believed to be the tomb of a raven. Not merely any old raven, but rather the long-deceased pet of a fabled lich. "See the raven. See his master. See your end." Or so the expression goes. 

Why anyone would ever seek out that raven, therefore, is a mystery. However, an enticement might lie in the tale of what the raven held in its claw after being struck down by adventurers past who perished also in that moment. If accounts are true, then a stone of resurrection may lie in wait for whoever treads the deadly paths deep into this crypt to find it.

Download the map

Simply Add to Cart, complete checkout, and you'll have instant access to the zip file with all the variants of this map (gridded, gridless, cellar and jungle, animated, webp, 4k, 8k). Any issues or if you need any other variations, just let me know. :)

If you'd like to see more of my work in the multiverse, or to help support me, head over to Patreon. You can pick up the free version of this map and all my other free maps there now, no pledge required. By pledging, you get access to my previous and current maps without my logo, together with a whole host of encounter decks & packs, map variants, and bonus maps.

Also feel free to reach out if you're looking to commission a map for your games or commercial project. :)

Animated Version

Meantime, here's a logomarked animated version - you get the full mp4 file in your pack once you complete the purchase!