Woods Platform Battlemap
Woods Platform Battlemap

Woods Platform Battlemap

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High in the trees, barely noticeable amid the mist, lies a hidden network of walkways and platforms protected by rudimentary palisade walls. Moss creeps onto their surface making it slippery, and as the breeze shifts, the flaps of ripped canvas awnings rustle gently, a brief pause of anticipation before the platform becomes bathed in blood. And then the rain begins to fall.

Encounter Hook

Screeches echo through the trees high above the ground. The complex web of walkways leads up to this point, a platform coated in lichen still wet from the constant drizzle dripping through the leaves. They approach from both sides, but beyond this, something is heard creeping inch by inch on the branches. It's a long way down, that's for sure, and the torches they carry seem perilously close to the wooden palisades...

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Animated Version

Meantime, here's a logomarked animated version - you get the full mp4 file in your pack as a Double Decker patron!